ton of bricks

i guess i've always been an empath, so it shouldn't surprise me when something that happens to someone else tears me up.  there's this girl i know, old friend, facebook friend, friend of friends, never close, haven't talked in some time.  she has a facebook page to communicate with her husband, stationed over seas.  she just had a baby, and posts pics of her all the time.  her status is sometimes a message from her to her husband, sometimes a message from her husband to her.  it's so beautiful.  it always makes me smile.  today i saw a message from one friend to her that said something about being sorry, thoughts are with you and yours...  so i went to her page and i saw about 10 messages that said mostly the same thing, but also mentioning how her husband was such a great man and will be missed.  i never met this man, but i feel like i know something about their relationship, the way they posted these sweet messages to one another.  it's probably not my place to send her a message, since we don't really talk ever, but i feel so sad for her and her (3!) children.  i hope she's doing ok and has a great support system around her that she can lean on.   today is a very sad day.

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