it's about time

i guess i've been ignoring this blog for a bit.  life's been a little stressful as of late.  not sure if things are looking up or i'm just looking up at this point, but i'm feeling better.
maybe it's the weather...
it's been so hot here that i've been hiding out in the house A LOT.  that means new fingernails every week.  seriously.  just did these tonight, while hiding out from 107 degree weather at sundown.  they look way more sparkly in person.

i've been working out once a week with a personal trainer and attempting to exercise on my own a couple of times a week, but that's not always the way things work.  either way i'm seeing some sort of a difference, i think.  feeling different, i guess, and that's what i'm really looking for.

another young girl got murdered in this city the other night.  it's starting to get me worried, even though this is all happening across town.

lately i've been really trying to psych myself up to make some art.  i guess i need to clear a space for it, but i also feel like i'm in a creative slump.  i have zero ideas and somehow i keep missing first friday.  when i get done work, i'm usually so drained that i come home and subject myself to a mindless activity like netflix tv, painting my nails, house cleaning or just staring at the wall.  i've been doing some reading, but mostly i'm just being brain dead.  this needs to change.

goals for this week:
1.  no television
2.  exercise more than once
3.  no fried food
4.  draw something
5.  read more (currently enjoying an autobiography of patti smith, about her life with robert maplethorpe)
6.  leave the house after work

this all seem fairly reasonable, and not unlike most people's normal lives.  can she do it?  we'll see....

oh, last goal:  UPDATE THIS BLOG!!



Tracy Ramone said...

1.) I am happy to see you writing in your blog! Yay!
2.) I like this postive outlook Miranda!
3.) Sparkley fingernails are purty!
4.) Yay! Goals! Though no TV would never make it on a goal list of mine.


miranda said...

that whole no tv thing didn't really pan out, but at least i've done one thing on the list.