things i see outside of work

i'm obsessed with this building.  clearly abandoned, home for thousands of pigeons, can see bugs crawling inside the windows (which probably explains all the pigeons).  sometimes an old dude with a sweet 70s muscle car goes inside and does mysterious things.  it's a very mysterious place and i want to live there.  sans pigeons and bugs, of course.

this is a decomposing mouse that has been on the sidewalk for weeks.  it's been soaked by rain, flattened by something and probably feasted on by numerous stray cats.  it's just to the left of the door so i see it all the time and usually try to avoid looking at it.  it's disgusting, but i think i need to embrace it.  i really hope it disintegrates soon.

i guess this is something other people see outside of work.  usually around 11, 2 and 5 o'clock every weekday.  you can see my gray hairs coming through.  gross.

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Tracy Ramone said...

I looooooooooved that building. I should trek over there one weekend and take some pictures of it.

And that mouse is gross - why doesnt one of the guys get rid of it?