I've been making jewelry from broken pieces of my grandmother's vintage costume jewelry.  Earrings mostly.  It's really relaxing and I'm getting some great feedback on it.  So far I've just given them away but I plan to sell them in the future.  While browsing Anthropologie's site today, I found some really great inspiration for my work.

I'm trying to figure out how to make these, specifically the manner in which the yellow beads are attached.  I'm also trying to picture how the back looks.

I really like the colors and the mismatched parts.  That is what I try to do.  I need to get some rose-shaped beads.  Like now.

Great color repetition and form.  It sort of looks like a bug, but really reminds me of Shiva.


I would like to try something like this.  I am guessing I would need to solder these together.  Or maybe I attach strands of something to wire and shape the wire, each bead being independent of the others.

I like the mix of texture and the slight color variations in this one.  I also like the striped pattern, and the way it changes directions.  I also need some of that tiny chain.

Shapes, shapes, shapes.  I love shapes.  This is half feathers and half bones to me and I picture it moving all the time, as all the pieces are only connected in the middle and balance like a mobile.

I could totally do this.  Why haven't I done this yet?!!!

All earrings can be found at www.anthropologie.com

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